Sara Santilli is an internationally acclaimed funk-pop singer/songwriter, from Rome, Italy. Her albums have been released to audiences and accolades in Europe, and USA. Her music has been featured in numerous commercials, television shows and short movies in Italy. She has an extensive list of concert appearances. Her recent single, "Slow Rider" has been nominated for the Best Blues Single 2014 at the Hollywood Music In Media Awards.

From Rome to Los Angeles, Sara's success is the reflection of an independent and new sound that blends the classic italian passion, with the modern and popolar american music. Here music and lyrics play as mirror for the human conditions made of challenges and love, creating the perfect mach between music and life. And as her story continues to unfold, Sara's success as an artist keeps moving forward with her second single, "I Drank In The Air" a sweet pop- ballad featured on the short-movie "Leggere Salva La Vita".

Sara's most recent US tour was highlighted by her nomination at the 2013 Hollywood Music in Media Awards, with Melissa Malavasi for Techno song of The Year and a nomination at the 2014 Hollywood Music in Media Awards for Best Blues song of The Year. Also, in 2014, Sara's song "Cheerios" was chosen by Ramblin Man TV for their commercial.


Released through Caterina Caselli Production in 2007, Sara's 'renaissance debut', "Dall'Aldilà A Qua", produced by Luigi De Marchi, found success internationally through Sara's following in Italy and Europe. The power Italian jazz- pop single, "Dall'Aldilà A Qua", garnered extensive radio play in Italy. The single also received a 4 1⁄2 star review from Italian magazine.

Having left her own country still very young, Sara Santilli has laid everything on the line for her career. Whether it's his fascination with Voice-Over acting, her status as a composer for commercials, her degree in psychology – before being wisely put back on the music path by those who recognized her emerging talent, it's the music that mattered most. For Sara Santilli, music is life.

Sara Santilli earned a Music Award at the HMMA for Best Alternative Pop single 2015 for her single ' I Drank In The Air'.





Sara Santilli is working on her new Music Project called Italyfunk. Her music is a great mix of funk and pop where American roots meet Italian passion.